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Factory of Cajeta
and Typical Mexican Candies

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Since 1860



Tradition and Experience


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Tel. +52 461 612 8706
Cel+52 1 461 348 3956
Ventas: +52 1 461 377 8371
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Tienda +52 1 461 348 3956
Ventas +52 461 377 8371

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Tradition and experience

Since 1860

A dedicated company

LOGOTIPO Cajeta La Tradicional-01.png

La Tradicional de Salgado is a Cajeta and Typical Mexican Candy factory located since 1860 in the center of the city of Celaya, in the state of Guanajuato.

The main products it manufactures and sells are cajeta in envinada, quemada, natural and vanilla flavors, and goat's milk sweets derived from it, such as jamoncillos, chiclosos, mini wafers with cajeta and the exclusive cajeta liquor cream with agave.

The company also offers a wide variety of products, with more than 100 different ones, such as fruit rolls filled with cajeta, cocadas, peanut marzipan, tamarind candies, natillas, handmade salsas, garapiñados, palanquetas, etc.  

La Tradicional de Salgado has been distinguished with the Bicentennial Company award in 2010, a recognition that highlights its successful business trajectory and for being part of the 20 oldest companies in the country, granted at the time by the Federal Government, by the hand of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, former president of the Mexican Republic.

La Tradicional de Salgado represents a family tradition, care, love for work and years of dedication that achieve a unique experience for any visitor. 

It stands out for its warm customer service, the high quality of its elaboration processes and products, as well as its delicious and unique flavors.

Being one of the best Cajetas in Celaya, La Tradicional de Salgado has existed as the most important Cajetas producer and the best option for typical sweets in Celaya and the region.

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La Tradicional de Salgado is characterized by the seriousness and quality used in its processes, in manufacturing, distribution and customer service.

Discover the best
Dulces de Leche

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Natural Jamoncillos

Mini Wafers with Cajeta



Multimedia Gallery

Producción de Cajeta de Celaya.
Producción de Cajeta de Celaya.
Producción de Cajeta de Celaya.
Producción de chiclosos envinados.
Producción de mini obleas con cajeta.
Producción de chiclosos envinados.
Recorridos por la fábrica de cajetas La Tradicional de Salgado.
Tienda La Tradicional de Salgado.
Bolsas de celofán con cajeta y dulces típicos mexicanos.
Tienda La Tradicional de Salgado.
Tienda La Tradicional de Salgado.
Área de canastas La Tradicional de Salgado
Tienda La Tradicional de Salgado.
Cajeta envinada con bolillo.
Cajeta envinada escurriendo.
Cajeta quemada con pan.
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