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La Cajeta

The origin of cajeta dates back to the time when the Spanish arrived in the Bajío area, in those times the Spanish settled in haciendas where they hired people from communities in the area for their service and attention, the Spanish were used to a totally different gastronomy than the one that existed in those times in Mexico, Therefore they decided to teach their servants how to elaborate the products they needed, one of the products that was on the table of the Spaniards as dessert was the dulce de leche, dulce de leche that was made with cow's milk and sugar, for this reason the Spanish taught their servants to elaborate the Spanish dulce de leche, which is why the servants had to learn how to elaborate this dessert demanded by the Spanish.


One of the servants, as time went by, wanted to continue producing the delicious dulce de leche for his own consumption, which is why he decided to continue producing it from his home. In those times, goat milk was abundant in the area and there was more goat milk than cow milk, so the servant began to produce the dulce de leche with goat milk, resulting in a new and completely different sweet, with a superior flavor and texture.


This servant realized the great benefit that could be gained by commercializing this delicious sweet he had discovered, so he decided to create a container to sell it to others, for which he created a wooden box using two wooden lids, one as a lid and the other as a bottom, which was glued and baked using wood material called tejamanil.

This person together with the people of the community and the area began to sell the products, he gave them the "cajetes" and they were sent to the railroad station, a very busy place for the people who were traveling around the country, in the place the sellers shouted "Cajetes, cajetes!" to sell their products, but because their dialect was different, the buyers heard the word "Cajeta", resulting in the birth of the name that would receive this candy of goat milk that over time became very famous due to its great and unique flavor.

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La Tradicional de Salgado

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La Tradicional de Salgado was born in the time of the colonial period when the company was just a house where young ladies worked to produce the Mexican milk candy that we all enjoy today, the cajeta.


In 1860 is when La Tradicional de Salgado opened its doors to the public, being this the official date of the inauguration of the factory of cajeta and traditional candies to the general public.

With more than 100 different products, La Tradicional de Salgado stands out for its high quality, delicious and unique flavor.

La Tradicional de Salgado is characterized by the seriousness and quality used in its processes, in manufacturing, distribution and customer service.

Obleas con Cajeta La Tradicional de Salgado
Chicloso La Tradicinal de Salgado

The company has a long history, with more than 160 years of tradition and experience to back up the loyalty of its customers.

Jamoncillo La Tradicional de Salgado


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